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By published 5 January 22
The faithful hound makes a return for The Contract, but did Chop die in GTA Online?
Does Chop die in GTA Online is a question a lot of players have been asking recently, and it’s an understandable concern given how beloved the canine companion is. The GTA Online The Contract update sees the return of Franklin Clinton and Chop after a number of years away from the scene, and this means both he and his dog have got considerably older since we last saw them. Their arrival in GTA Online is a welcome one, but it does also raise worries about what will happen to our favorite Rottweiler, so if you need to know whether Chop dies in GTA Online then read on.
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Does Chop die in GTA Online
Once you begin The Contract by setting up the Agency, your initial meeting will confirm that Chop is alive in GTA Online. During the first cutscene, Franklin introduces his canine pal who is lying on his dog bed in the corner of the office, saying “that over there is my old-ass homie Chop. Shit, he don’t get around too much no more.” When you subsequently meet Chop within the Agency, you’ll have the opportunity to interact and pet him, though you can’t play with him or do any training as you could in single-player.
As around eight years have passed in the game world since the events of GTA 5, Chop is understandably getting long in the tooth now, but he is definitely alive and well looked after. If you visit 3671 Whispymound Drive, aka Franklin’s home up in the Vinewood Hills, you’ll see that Chop still has his dog house in the backyard under the stairs from street level.
Does Chop die in GTA Online
So, does Chop die in GTA Online? Thankfully for all pet-lovers the answer is no, although he does have a close call early in The Contract after collapsing from eating a bag of Lamar’s LD Organics finest ‘herbal’ product! As well as being spotted around the Agency at various points, Chop also makes an appearance during the first Short Trip mission unlocked after completing the Dr Dre storyline, helping Franklin and Lamar by attacking the Vagos members and leading the protagonists into the warehouse.
Unlike in GTA 5, there are no situations where our dog is around while players have access to weapons, so it’s not possible for Chop to die in GTA Online. However, even if you manage to ‘kill’ him during the single-player campaign, he’s only really injured and, like other essential NPCs, will return to the game again shortly afterwards. You can therefore rest assured that nothing bad will happen to Chop, and he’ll be happily living out his days with Franklin and co.
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