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Jan 5, 2022
Jefferson County sheriff
Gunner: A Toronto man told deputies Monday his Ruger pistol had been stolen sometime in the past month, and the only person who had access was his daughter’s friend. He valued the pistol at $400. He said his daughter told him her friend had admitted taking it but said it’s “gone now.” She told deputies he said he was sorry, but he took it to “threaten a guy who gives his mom free meth because he threatened to kill him.” He said his step-father took it.
Fraud: A Toronto man trying to open an account with AT&T was surprised to find out there was already one in his name, Monday. He told deputies the fraudulent account had an unpaid balance of $244 and had been opened about two years ago.
Booked: Chad W. Custer, 23, 63 Fourth St., Dillonvale, probation violation, Monday; Melissa Markera, 34, 146 E. Main St., Hopedale, vandalism, breaking and entering and theft, Monday; Jason Arboghast, 41, 5980 Township Road 197, Bloomingdale, failure to appear, Monday.
Steubenville police
Tooled: The owner of an apartment in the 1200 block of Jefferson Street told police someone is stripping wiring and pipes from the residence and even smashing televisions in the property, Monday. Police said the wires were cut from the main breaker and wiring stripped from the basement and walls. The previous tenant’s sister had discovered piping missing from an upstairs sink and had called police earlier in the week, but a friend of her brother had told them there was a leak and he was going to fix it. The landlord said when she notified him about the missing bathroom pipe, he came to inspect the property and discovered criminal tools inside as well as copper wire, other plumbing and central air conditioner were missing.
Battling exes: A South Fifth Street resident told police her ex wouldn’t let her into his residence to gather her belongings, Monday. Police said he did bring her clothes to her car for her, but she complained that he still had her personal item, its charger and a Victoria Secret bag that belonged to her. Officers explained they couldn’t force him to let her into the residence, and the missing property was a civil matter.
Shush: Neighbors on North Seventh Street reported hearing a woman screaming inside an apartment, Monday. The woman doing the screaming said she and her boyfriend were arguing. He said she was upset with him but nothing physical had taken place. The woman was told she needs to stop screaming
Booked: Shaquille L. Wade, 28, no fixed address, bench warrant, Monday. Wade had been involved in a disturbance in the 200 block of South Fifth Street. The other party advised the disagreement was over financial issues and said Wade had threatened to kill her service animal and would not let her leave her apartment, but said she did not wish to pursue charges against him.
Harassing: A South Fourth Street resident said a male known to him threatened to kill him, Monday. He said it’s part of an ongoing pattern of harassment.
Vandalism: Someone scratched the hood and driver side door of a black 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee parked at Sunset Motors, Monday.
Warranted: Breonna Williams, 30, 3306 Orchard St., Weirton, was served with a warrant for failure to appear, Monday. Williams was currently being held at the Jefferson County jail on other charges.
Charged: Seth X. Grafton, 24, 128 McConnell Ave., Steubenville, felony drug abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia, Monday. Grafton allegedly was spotted abusing drugs on surveillance cameras outside the downtown Speedway. Officers said they confiscated a glass crack pipe, two burned straws, one of them still warm to the touch, and burned foil with residue as well as a baggie containing a light brown powder-like substance believed to contain heroin.
Charged: Phillip Richards, 42, 24 Cross Creek Road, Avella, Pa., theft of a motor vehicle, Monday.
Cited: Abbey E. Hawthorne, 33, 1714 Oregon Ave., Steubenville, speeding (45 mph) in a school zone; Michael L Kusic, 66, 58 Rainbow Drive, Bloomingdale, failure to control and no operator’s license. Kusic allegedly struck a pole while attempting a turn at the intersection of Fifth and North streets, police said.
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