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Employers are once again being asked to allow employees to work from home, if possible.
Among the list of regulation being re-introduced Wednesday as the province moves back to step two is one that says: “The measures include… … Requiring businesses and organizations to ensure employees work remotely unless the nature of their work requires them to be on-site.”
That means anyone who can work from home should be, according to the province.
It echoes a sentiment shared by the province’s top doctor Dr. Kieran Moore just prior to the Christmas break during a weekly COVID-19 update when he said, “Just as I am asking individuals to continue practicing public health measures and get vaccinated, I’m also asking businesses and organizations to remain diligent and vigilant,” Moore said. “We are asking that employers ask their employees to work from home whenever possible.”
During her weekly chat on Lake 88’s In Focus, Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit Medical Officer of Health Dr. Stewart was asked if people should be working from home as the COVID-19 case numbers continue to rise. She said, “Absolutely.”
Doctor Stewart added, “We’re now into the phase with all these little pots bubbling over all over the place, and workplaces really need to look at what they need to be functioning well.” She added, “It’s as much about making sure that the workplace can continue to function. As many people working from home as possible, is a smart thing to do.”
You can hear that part of the interview below.

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