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If you’re not typing at least 40 words per minute, you’re wasting time. Possibly the easiest way to get more done in less time is to become a better typist.
Don’t waste time – type faster
I hadn’t taken a typing test since the 1980s, but because I’d never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do, I took an online typing test, which said I type 54 words per minute. Not bad, considering I haven’t practiced typing in almost 30 years.
Now it’s your turn: Point your browser at and take the test right on the front page. It’s painless and will take you 5 minutes or less (I’m impatient, so I took the 1-minute version).
If you don’t type at least 40 to 50 words per minute, you should learn to type faster. It’s among the easiest and most effective ways to improve your overall productivity. So much of what you do on your Mac requires keyboard input; typing faster will speed up almost everything you do.
Now, go back to, but instead of taking the typing test, click the big green Train for Free button. Or, if you prefer to use a Mac app, search the Mac App Store for “typing” for dozens of free and paid apps including my favorite, Typist (free).
If you’re not prepared to commit to’s 21 lessons – even though you should if you can’t type at least 40 wpm – you may find the Typing Games more appealing. I like Typing Attack, which uses a Space Invaders metaphor with words dropping from the sky for you to shoot by typing the word before it crashes into the ground.
The point I’m making is that if you aren’t typing at least 40 to 50 words per minute, you could easily speed up almost everything you do by improving your keyboard skills. Imagine finishing everything you do 10, 20, even 30 percent faster, which is entirely possible if you just improve your typing.
If you feel you’re already a pretty good typist (say, 50 wpm or more), consider this: If you spend a little time each day for a week working on drills and/or games, you could be typing 80 or more words per minute. Think of all the time you’d save.
OK. I think I’ve made my point about typing, but there is one more thing: I type significantly faster on my third-party keyboard than on any Apple keyboard.
Bob Levitus writes the Dr. Mac column for the Houston Chronicle.
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