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With more and more jobs opening up for people searching for jobs. There have been a large number of employment scams. NEWS15 has more information on what fake employers are looking for from job seekers.
Lafayette,LA- At home, jobs have become the new norm for people instead of going back into the workplace. Even though there are more and more at-home work jobs by the day, many are fake employers promising high-paying jobs.
More Americans have chosen to work from home rather than be in the workplace with others as the years go by.
“I can see why a lot of people want to do it,” says Savannah DeVille, a Lafayette resident.
DeVille thinks more people choose to work from home because the new generation of workers wants to experience life more, giving them more freedom working from home. “Not be bond to like one job, or a career where they are working eight to five, five days a week and only living for the weekend.”
Whether you’re on a computer or on your phone. Fake employers are something job seekers should look out for when searching for an at-home work job.
NEWS15 spoke to Chris Babin of the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana, who says, “Scammers take advantage of the headlines. They know people are looking for employment.”
Babin expressed that there are certain things employers should not ask for, “Never pay any money upfront for any type of employment offer to even get an interview with an employer. Legitimate employers won’t do that even if they try to say that you have to purchase anything upfront. That’s never the case with a legitimate employer.”
Babin also says always be leery of a job offer that seems to come too easy. “Some of these scammers want as many victims as they identify, so they offer employment to people with no interviews. Really no background even in the applications process.”
David Kent believes people have to be more careful about where they apply, saying he will continue to apply in person.”I saw something the other day about some lady getting scammed about an indeed job. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me, so I think that I prefer to find a job the traditional way.”
DeVille believes this will continue to happen until fake employers face consequences. “People are trying to scam everything. I think we need to develop a system where we can filter out all the people all the scams.”
If you are to come across an at-home job application, be sure first to find out whether  the company is real. That way, you can ensure that you are not being scammed. Also, if this happens to be accurate, you can contact the company to see if the position is open just for better reassurance.

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