Plus Two student commits suicide at Dharmadom, police suspect addiction to online games – കേരള കൌമുദി


KANNUR: Police have raised suspicion over the death of a Plus Two student who committed suicide on Wednesday. Adnan (17), son of Dharmadom native Rafi and Suneera, committed suicide by consuming poison. It is suspected that addiction to online games led to suicide. It was Adnan himself who informed his parents that he had consumed poison. Though he was rushed to the hospital, he died within hours. The family said the child had been addicted to online games for some time.

Police have recovered sodium nitrate from the boy’s room. They have registered a case for unnatural death. Adnan’s mobile phone was found broken in the room. Police believe that he might have smashed the mobile phone after losing in a game. The family told police that Adnan, who had distanced himself away from friends, had not gone to school for a month. Adnan did not speak to his family on the day of the incident.

Police said that Adnan, who used to play online games regularly, had shown suicide tendencies earlier. Adnan’s father arrived from abroad yesterday.


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