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The main gripe we have to pick this week has to do with working from home. It has been good for some people, it has been not so good for others, and the general consensus seems to be that a hybrid model works best. However, the one thing that is almost a certainty is that work from home is here to stay now that everyone has realised it is very easily possible. The only question is, how far should companies go to make it a comfortable experience for their employees? But that isn’t all, because cheap shares, bad website design, and the greatness of overseas Pakistanis was once again on the tip of everyone’s keyboard this week. Ariba Shahid brings you all this and more in this week’s social media roundup. 
Work from home 
A German court has ruled that a man who slipped while walking a few metres from his bed to his home office can claim on workplace accident insurance as he was technically commuting.
— Tahir Imran Mian ✈ (@TahirImran) December 9, 2021
I am very clumsy and wonder if my employer will compensate me for the number of times I’ve tripped while getting up to pick my laptop up. Very seriously speaking (which is rare in this section of the magazine so pay attention) there is a great need to make sure that work from home conditions are feasible, productive and most importantly comfortable. Since this may be a situation that exists for a while, companies must ensure things like their employees being compensated for internet, being provided devices, and even desks and chairs. If the home is truly to become a place of work and not a sanctuary, the least employers can do is ensure it is a comfortable one provided by them. 
Cheap shares 
PSX announcements page is just full of insider buying. I wonder why?
— Azam A. Khan (@AzamAKhan2) December 8, 2021
Cheap shares, Azam. Cheap shares. That’s why. Why not buy the dip, improve your share value and also make a buck in terms of capital gains. Everybody likes money, and when things are made so easy (or so people believe) to make a quick buck, why would people not pounce at the opportunity? 
Easier access 
Dear CDC Pakistan, typing leads to instead of is used for critical online transactions. I don’t know what utility new provides.@cdcofficialpk
— Rasheed Narejo (@narejo) December 10, 2021
The CDC is pivotal for the growth of Capital markets in Pakistan. Accessing CDC shouldn’t be this difficult. Besides, it may seem like a silly complaint, but it is a really, really, annoying little tick in the system. Would not recommend. 
Growing debt 
The last three bars in the public debt graph are
2018 17.00 trillion
2019 21.26 trillion (25% growth)
2020 23.88 trillion (12% growth)
Not in graph:
2021 26.44 trillion (10% growth) as of September 2021.
2021 Sep vs. 2018 (56% growth) or 9.4 trillion increase in < 3 years.
— The Ghost of Sparta (@abay_insaan_ban) December 8, 2021
I think the capital letters on the graph make it scarier. The debt is growing, are you prepared? On a different note, if the graph continues to climb the way that it has been climbing, how will all of this even fit on one plane? Already it seems as if the 1970s all the way up to the 1990s there was absolutely no debt at all. The reality is that the increase has been so drastic that the visual representation of the data is not comprehensible on an ocular level. 
Chicken or egg? 
Does a monetary policy committee meeting really matter when the market prices it all in anyway?
— Ammar Khan (@rogueonomist) December 9, 2021
What comes first, the chicken or the egg? For those that follow news about the economy, we phrase the question differently and ask: what comes first, the market or the SBP? Lately it seems like the SBP is following the markets. The markets are calling the shots and the SBP is trying to keep up the best it can. Thirteen percent or nothing. That’s it, that’s the tweet. 
{Editor’s note: We sincerely hope that since these meetings do take place there is at least tea and a decent spread to go with it. Nothing too heavy like samosas or jalebi, but perhaps some crackers, a cheese board, possibly a charcuterie board, and a hummus and pita station if they really want to go out of their way. The meeting isn’t doing much, might as well make it a party, no?}
Creativity isn’t missing 
Also dont buy that pvt sector is unimaginative. Soorty is growing organic cotton in Balch’tan to meet buyer demand. Artistic is importing used cloth to make 100% recycled jeans. Given the right commercial incentives, producers respond. if Masood can expand in BGD, why not here?
— Adil Mansoorᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ (@adilmansoor91) December 6, 2021
Our producers have enough brains to do well and compete internationally. However, if you keep looking towards Q block for all the answers and solutions, very little can be done for the industry. There is space for creativity and there is a lot of potential, and it would be good to bring that out rather than continuing with the trend of entire sectors and industries asking for handouts and favours. 
Underseas know your place 
I’ve reduced sugar consumption in my tea by 10 grains to reduce CAD. Along with this, am applying for 1 month leave from office to avoid imported fuel & lubricant consumption. My little contributions ❤ for naya Pakistan.
— Abdullah Umer (@AUKL94) December 5, 2021
No matter what contribution you make, it won’t be enough because you’re not bringing in remittances. Remember, no matter what you do, you will never be as good as those poor, long-suffering, sacrificial lambs that are overseas Pakistanis. Us underseas don’t understand what they give up to live their lives in a free society. Of course they deserve nothing but our appreciation in return, and the acknowledgement that they are and always will be better than us. That is the least we can do. 
Tweets speak louder than words 
— Masooma Sherazi (@SRM_Sherazi) December 10, 2021
Governance policy in a nutshell. We’re just going to leave this here for you to comment on. 
Questionable decisions 
Attaching your fragile ego to the rupee is a winning strategy /s
— Babar Khan Javed (@BabarKhanJaved_) December 10, 2021
Interesting choice of picture to go with the caption.


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