Online games: Silent killers in today's world – കേരള കൌമുദി


KOCHI: Free online games that trap children in a magical world, even if it is played once, are silent killers. More than a dozen children who are addicted to games seek treatment daily at various Childline de-addiction centers in the state. Suspicion has been raised that the influence of an online game may have been behind the suicide of a ninth-grader in Dharmadom yesterday.

While there are games that impart knowledge and fun, there are three killer games that parents should keep in mind. Of these, PUBG and Blue Whale are banned, but their use is not diminished.

Free Fire
Launched in 2019 with its headquarters in Singapore, the game has become hugely popular after PUBG was banned. The point of the game is to slowly drain users’ money. Several cases have been reported in Kerala and elsewhere including suicides.

The most used gaming app in the world. The users might have to pay money for various elements in the game. It was banned by the country last year.

Blue Whale
This one is a killer game. Completing 50 stages of ‘challenges’ will eventually lead to suicide. Even if the user come to their senses and withdraw from the challenge, the threat of data leakage will continue.

Parents need to keep an eye on:
• Excessive play of children
• Bank account misuse

Money looting game
A businessman from Ernakulam has lodged a complaint with the cyber police alleging loss of Rs 2.5 lakh. The investigation reached his ninth-grader son. The boy was playing a game after transferring money from father’s account to sister’s account. Games require money to buy weapons, including ‘guns and bombs’, and to move on to the next stage.

Attention needed
Parents need to pay more attention to their children’s mobile game play. Once addicted, it takes time to bring a child back to normalcy.
-Adv. Jiyas Jaman
Cyber ​​Security Legal Expert

Payment without OTP
Cases of losing money by playing the Free Fire game are often reported. Money is drawn through various wallets. Those involved are often unaware that money is getting lost because OTP isn’t needed for transactions.
-Cyber ​​Police


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