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Financial transaction data firm Facteus has acquired 1010data’s Equity Intelligence arm, for an undisclosed sum.

Inna KuznetsovaAs part of the deal, 1010data has licensed Facteus’ US Consumer Payments data panels to examine the prospect of enhancing its own Insights Platform.

Equity Intelligence tracks consumer spending, transactions and basket size across 135 industry sectors. Its TickerView solution delivers ‘top-line’ indices by ticker across multiple datasets to analyze performance over time, and the service also provides insights to understand performance by customer segment and geography.

The two companies will partner to offer data and analytics to clients in the investment services, retail and consumer brands spaces. In addition, 1010data will gain access to Facteus’ US Consumer Payments data, which consists of millions of daily consumer transactions and can be filtered by generation (Millennials, Gen X, Gen Z); or to focus on low-to-middle income households, or early adopters of financial products and technology.

Inna Kuznetsova (pictured), CEO of 1010data, comments: ‘We are delighted with the deal and believe that it will create great value for our Equity Intelligence customers, who will have the opportunity to enhance their investment models with new data. In addition, our long-term partnership with Facteus provides 1010data with new possibilities to develop leading-edge data and data analytics-based solutions to benefit our retail and CPG customers – and further grow in these strategic verticals’.

Web sites: www.facteus.com and www.1010data.com .

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