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MARYLAND – New legislation announced by Governor Larry Hogan could eliminate the filing fee for businesses that submit their annual report online.
Currently, every Maryland business is required to file an annual report with the State Department of Assessments and Taxation. With that comes a $300 annual business fee, plus a $100 fee for family farms. But, the introduction of this new legislation would make Maryland the first state in the country to provide a zero-fee option for all businesses filing online.
It’s something the President of the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce feels will be helpful to struggling businesses.
“Eliminating these fees is just another assist for businesses, we are already struggling in a difficult market, with labor shortages, supply chain issues, rising cost to do business,” Bill Chambers, the President and CEO of SBY Chamber of Commerce, said. “So this may seem like a small number, but I can tell you from a small businesses owner’s standpoint this $300 is a big deal.”
Chambers also said he hopes that there will be bipartisan support for this legislation.
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