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MTMIS Here’s the complete information about online vehicle verification (Registration, Token Tax, Verification) services for Islamabad, Punjab, Sindh, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) through the Excise and Taxation Departments of these respective provinces.
Online Vehicle Verification allows you to check details for any vehicle by providing basic information, which includes the registration number or the owner’s Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number where applicable.
By using the online vehicle verification services, citizens can verify details of motor car/motorbike (private and commercial) as well get updates regarding vehicle token tax. These services are provided through the Excise and Taxation Department of respective provinces.
Using the online vehicle verification services, you can check the following:
The federally administered capital of Islamabad provides online car and motorbike verification service and registration through their Islamabad City App and through their Excise and Taxation Department’s website.
We have provided extended details about the process over here.
Punjab also offers online vehicle verification along with several other services through like token tax payment its ePay Punjab App and Excise and Taxation Department’s website.
Punjab vehicle verification portal provides more information regarding entire online processes also read Pay Vehicle Token Tax Online in Punjab
Sindh online vehicle verification service provides similar services allowing citizens to check details regarding their motorcar / motorbike (commercial and private) along with the option to pay token tax online as well through the Excise and Taxation Department’s website or epayment GoS App.
Excise & Taxation Department Sindh not only introduced Web portal but Mobile app for vehicle registration verification, Motor Token Tax payment via app. This application allows user to verify vehicle license plate or to calculate tax on a vehicle. Users can verify license plate by entering vehicle number manually. Through this application users will be able to verify whether their vehicle is registered or not, also can check whether tax is clear or not.
For more details check our complete guide on how to pay Sindh motor vehicle token tax online or you can check out Sindh vehicle verification Portal for useful information.
Unlike other provinces, Khyber Pakthunkhwa is not offering online services like token tax payments or registrations. However, you can still check vehicle verification using their Excise and Taxation Department’s website.
UPDATE: Excise & Taxation Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has introduced Zama KP app,
Zama KP app enables you to perform all services related to Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control Department like:
– View vehicle registration info
– Token tax payment
– Dues and penalty payments
Zama KP is the one-stop for all future KP government services.
The Online Vehicle Verification Portal for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provides more detailed information about the process.
If you face any trouble with your vehicle verification, kindly download our app.
Independent News Coverage Pakistan (INCPAK) is providing an all-in-one solution to online vehicle verification services for all provinces through a single application.
 ‘INCPak Vehicle Verification Online’ has the following sections:
Download our application which is available on the Google Play Play Store with over a 100,000 downloads already.
For more details regarding INCPAK Vehicle Verification App you can visit our link below to find out..
INCPAK Team Message:
All of this information is updated ee are committed to providing you with an online technical solution and assisting you better, for any queries kindly email us [email protected].
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Suzuki Nolan carry dabba
LXL 9248
Sir iski owner check krden plz
Sir i had applied for my new bike registration 5 months ago but till yet i don’t get my bike registration number and documents
Kindly visit Excise office and submit written application to ETO there.
Im buying and alto from a frnd and i CAN’T find any records of the vehicle. it only show that ( vehicle is token tax defaulter please pay token pax through epay at earliest )
Its that means the car registration is clear except token? How can i check online that is the car is verified or not?
1) Visit Excise Office 2) download Islamabad App where you can pay the token tax of the vehicle.
Respected Sir,
I applied for Vehicle Ownership change on 11th February 2020. My details have been changed as I see online verification but I have not received yet my ownership card and file. What should I do to get it? Please guide. Thanks
Dear kea ap bta sakty hain agar koi gatri jes ko ham verfi ker lain to jes ki gatri ha us ka proper adress kaisy hasil kerty hain mesal ky tor per ham ko koi gatri pasand a jay to us ka propet adress kaisy mely ga
Sir chek plz lov 4608
Islamabad registered vehicles cant’t be verified online because the “Vehicle information details” is not appearing in the official website of Islamabad I.e “” . It is requested that the website may kindly be made functioning so that each n every citizen can check his vehicles details online. No one has enough time to visit the E&TO personally for this very purpose.
kindly download our Vehicle Verification Online smartphone application: Islamabad Vehicle Verification is working perfectly, just checked it now.
Sir Mera Suzuki mehran hy 1996model hy muji daftar file check karna hy so my car num his LXB6869 serf ye malooom karna hy k file waqi dafter per hy k nahi
I want the check vehicle verification
Sir main yeh chk karna chahhta hon k meri gari mery name py ho gai hai k nahi
Mehran suzuki
Registration no
I want detail of this car
Thank you
LEC2613 sir i need details of this vehicle
I bought Suzuki wagon R in 2017 from suzuki defence. It was 4000km driven resale . Even after 2 years original number has not been issued, I visited suzuki defence karachi on many occasions for this reason.
Traffic police does not understand our genuine problem or they dont want to understand .
What should I do to avoid challan?
Excise provided you challan paper with the stamp ‘Original Plate not issued’ which is to tell the authorities that customer is not the one to be blamed but the Excise dept hasnt issued the plate.
I need conformation about 88 model corolla
Karachi -M-6234
Sindh Excise & Taxation app is available on Google playstore download and check the details
Wk 998
sir mari baik ka k dacoments ni panchy hn maina ho gya ha Rio-19-594 mehtab khan
Sir Asslam.o.Alaikum i want to check outstanding tokens amount against vehicle registration no. LEF-08-8870 owner name of this vehicle is Mr Falak Naz
ADK 433 karachi
Detail need
Download Application if the information is not found contact Department.
AAD 237
Please check this car number
i applied for smart card Rawalpindi number bolan status showed deliver one month ago but i have not received till now
Dear sir i have lost all the documents of my bike
I dont have any thing can any one help ne with that
Dear sir
How to check azad jammo kashmir vehical
I have suzuki bolan
Please sir help me.thanks
Visit Muzaffarabad excise office personally.
I need check this car verification
Car no…. JAA 207
Pk ip
Pliz help me ,,,RIP,,8041,,,,FORD VAAN
Pliz sat check ford van 1986,,model,,, rip 8041
How can i check registration number by chasis number or engine number
What if a person want to check balochistan Car registeration status
visit excise office in quetta
Sir ye private gadi ki 1 year ki token price kia hain 1000 cc Islamabad ka number hain plz guide me.
Want to check for IDA 7669
Owner name of
LEF 2309
Sir plz check the file of vehicle Mazda truck C2102 kark rejistered from kpk
How can i check that how many cars are registered against my father’s name. He is mot alive and i am out of country. Is there any online website or procedure.?
from which province? KPK , Punjab, SIndh and Islamabad online verification is available.
ya engine number
computerizes hay?
direct engine number cannot be checked from here, visit excise department.
How can I get the contact number of vehicle owmer
from excise department
LEL 13 A 6736
LEA 2898
I purchased one car cultus 2005 model through one of my friend registration number is LZW 8620 chassis number on paper is different then on body can you check through chasis number about the details of the car ?
985967 is the chasis number on body.
visit excise office
Sir i need information of a pickup AD-1159 on urgent basis please help
How I can check loralai Balochistan registration online and check mycar file in excise. Li(t) 9696.
You can’t they are not online, visit excise office
How I can check loralai Balochistan registration online and check mycar file in excise. Li(t) 9696.
visit excise office there
Plz tell me how to online verify Islamabad Register car ?
BY- Series
visit excise office
How I can check info abiut sindh registerd cars?
Check our Sindh Vehicle Verification Page enter number to check the information
Please i need detail about honda civic with no plate DC15
Dear Asif, For ISB registered vehicle kindly visit excise department office.
did we check how much vehciles in my name through CNIC No kindly inform me thank
No you cannot check vehicles by CNIC online, you have to visit excise department for it.
Mjy es gari k gare ma molomat chahiye
( LEE.1607 )
Dear Abro sb,
I need little help. I have ict registered Honda civic 2010 Pakistan assembled. Each every thing OK like original plates, docs, tax paid slip. I use to vist sukkur from karachi frequently and every time Im being tortured by Aclc police sindh. That my car is NC and docs, issue like foolish thing. Need little help what to do.
email me your number at [email protected] i will contact you.
AOA sir sir mari bike ki copy gum hu gi hay karak may liya tha cazn say us k name pay hay ib un say ki faily or humari falimy may kuch musly chal ry hay tu mujy kiya karna pary ga us say may ny id card ki copy ni li ti abi may ny kahe bar koses ki k id card ki copy day par wo ni day ry hay sir mujy is ka koi hul baty wasy mary pass bike ki rungen copy hay …. sir mujy is ka koi hul bty ta k may bike ko apny name kar sako …. Sukriya …
Report to Police get FIR done and get visit excise office to get new one issued
Dear I need little help.
I have Honda civic 2010 Pakistan assembled. I’m at karachi and I use to visit sukkur every month. But every time Im tortured by sindh aclc police. Don’t know why where I have every thing original number plates, original docs, tax paid slips. Still they said your car is NC. Need little help. Plz
hi roof RIT-5921
plz check this registered file
JSA 315 plz tell me details
Can i get information about
RIQ 7027 motorcycle
can you please tell the owner of this car RIA 719
Please checked the verification of LEA 5442
Can we get information for an auto rikshaw?
I have no idea about rikshaw. for now site having some issue
Can we get information for an auto rikshaw?
No vehicle found against given registration number, Contact Excise department Punjab 0800-08786
I want to know the details of the vehicle LRV-253 as soon as possible . kindly respond
No vehicle found against given registration number – Kindly visit Excise department office.
LEA 9779
sir meri gari ki details nie aa rhi hain why ??
Sir es number pe call karay 0800-08786
Why is online verification not working?
Islamabad vehicle verification is down since months
Give me info about mr aa 795(ask)
Sir i want to know about car no. FDQ 105
1986 corolla pls send me detail.thanks
Sir kindly check from here
Registration Number: FDQ 105
Owner Details
Owner City: PESHAWAR
Latest Payment Details
Date: 25-Apr-2018
Amount: 3,400
Vehicle Details
Chassis Number: EE807091952
Engine Number: 2E0811763
Registration Date: 29-Sep-1993 12:00 AM
Model: 1986
Vehicle Price: 0
Color: WHITE
Token Tax Paid upto: June 2018
Vehicle Application Tracking
Challan Paid Date: 25-Apr-2018
Application Current Status: DELIVERED
Inspection Date: 27-APR-18
KFC 8577
Suzuki jeep model 88Ajke 178
Meri gari ki detail nahi a rhi hein why?
LEE 2362
Fdg 9400 ka sir no keya
Cj 474
Alto mehran
Plz give details
Comment: Plz check krain ye clear ha kia AQF-388
Ford tractor 1971 check owner name MNB 8375
contact excise department
Sir plzzz mujhy garri ek check karwani hy meny woh pirchase karni hy dgk-13-7144
Gari ko excise department le jaye wahan se check hogi
How can I chek veh registration sir plz tel me fast…IDL 5133 ……..
you need to visit Excise office.. Online verification system is down
Plz chek car idl5133
BU 163maham tippu
I need information about this vehical # KU-3246, this hit my car and ran off
Registration No
Registration Date
Tax Payment
Engine No
Safe Custody
Purchasers are advised to contact MR Wing for avoiding dispute on the subject vehicle
Body Type
Owner Name
Model Year
Vehicle is Clear
Seating Capacity
Class of Vehicle
Horse Power
2200 CC
Plz mujy es gari ki detail chaye CR 7058
Tkb 548
car alm 349 chk plz sir tell me inf this no plz
please check ICT-HT-668
Please i need information about (Tlr 149) balochistan contact number 03459085260
I want to know about NT 528 number car…
Please help me?
Which province?
sir plz chk it RIH 3516 FORD CAR
also entr year of car
No Vehicle Data Found
Sir no vehicle data found mtlb? Kia msla hi plz
kindly visit excise office and get the information sheet print out.
DS 791 ICT
Why r not allowed islamabad vehicle verefication detail …..plz check my registration detail….UW 193 …..provide me informations plz
Isb vehicle verification is under maintenance since almost a month now from their official website kindly check back there or visit excise department
Koi aisa system information de about vehicle
B 2450
Comment: MH 3871 information
Plz check honor name and details of IDF 4469
Sk 396 ict
I need to know do the excise office islamabad returns the original file. N how much time they take to deliver the registration book or smart card
You need to contact Islamabad Excise Department for this information
leb-09-2940 kindly chk the detail of this car
Comment:give me information
STG 640
Comment:Suzuki Khyber car
model 1995
Pl give me complete information LOH 2628
I think you have noted some very interesting points , appreciate it for the post. afbckddckdde
Golden Corolla GLi.
Model 2013
Stolen from Sadiqabad
Please contact if you have any info
Golden corolla GLI
Stolen in May 2015.
Lec 235
Model 2013
How we are representing capital of Pakistan…. this is height of inefficiency that we are unable to find details of car owner if I am buying a used car…. only way to visit excise office, wastage of time and extra money for no reason…
Excise and Taxation Car Verification Dep of Islamabad it is very Shameful for you that, There is no web site thru which we can verfify our Islamabad Car registration data
We are trying our best to get the details from Islamabad as well infact Sindh information is not updated as well.
Dear sir plz chk it FDA 1957 TOYOTA XLI CAR
Dear plz check AAG-313 Suzuki 2003 ulto
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