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KARACHI: The Government of Sindh has finally launched chip based ‘Smart Card’ for vehicle registration, The new system will replace passport sized registration book into CNIC alike Smart Card.
Talking to media, Excise and Taxation Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla said that Sindh Government has started issuing security-featured smart cards, which are equipped with the most modern security features.
Now the vehicle owners will now be able to obtain this card instead of the registration book as proof of registration – Excise Minister Mukesh Kumar Chalwa added.
Back in 2018 Sindh Government announced that it will introduce ‘Chip-based’ Smart Cards for vehicle registration replacing old registration books, the project faced a two-year delay now in 2020, the Excise and Taxation Department Sindh is ready to deliver.
The new ‘Chip-based’ Smart Card has been already introduced in Punjab province along with Universal Number Plates.
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A similar Smart Card has been introduced in the capital city Islamabad along with biometric verification.
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It is prominent to mention that the Excise and Taxation Department Sindh lacks the biometric verification of buyer and seller.
Excise and Taxation Sindh has already introduced an online token tax payment system, now motorists from other provinces can easily pay the token tax online via using a smartphone app.
NOTE: There is no need of Token Tax Challan Print Copy anymore. Read the post below for complete information.
The smart card will hold the basic information of the vehicle and its owner as follows:
Click here to get the detailed information about Vehicle Verification Online Sindh
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All rights reserved © 2022 INCPak – Independent News Coverage Pakistan – (Digital News Portal)
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