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COVID-19 Tests are widely available online, but people need to be careful with what they see, as there are a lot of fake websites that involve scams and data theft. The warning comes from the Better Business Bureau that says many counterfeit websites masquerading now are taking the form of COVID-19 tests, especially now that there are massive cases in the country.
Better Business Bureau (BBB) issued a warning regarding the fake COVID-19 test websites available online, especially as they may be harmful to users that come across them. These malicious websites aim to harm the users and get something from them, including personal or sensitive information usually required during tests. 
Lifehacker reports that scams nowadays take part in both the online and physical worlds, allowing people to set up an appointment and have a test. The fake test will seem legitimate and result in people receiving their results after several days. 
However, these people would not get the said results, but their personal information is taken away. 
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COVID-19 test websites are now the center of scams, with some immediately noticeable for users, but some are ingenious to hide their true motives. The BBB said these scammers get more clever in hiding their true intentions. 
The US Health and Human Services (HHS) set up a website where people can see the verified platforms to conduct the tests and set up online appointments, which would help avoid the threat actors.
Moreover, it is essential to note that COVID-19 tests are free. 
COVID-19 is a massive problem already, and it is not because of the virus alone but also from people who are taking advantage of the pandemic to steal from others and get away with it. Now that people are on a heightened concern for their health, these scams appeal on reason and provide a helping hand during these trying times. 
One of the main scams in the world now is misinformation, and COVID-19 is highly infested with fake news and malicious information. An example would be Bill Gates and the microchip conspiracy theory about the vaccines he orchestrates to track people. 
Another example is a COVID relief fund app that asked for donations to help people afflicted by the virus, turning out to be a massive scam that ran away with the stolen money worth $100 billion. 
Many popups are claiming to help, but not all are legitimate or reliable that people should trust or avail, especially if the website looks sketchy or is not secure. Moreover, users should always check the structure of the service firsts before availing, especially now that COVID-19 tests from the local government are free of charge and available for all. 
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