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One imaginative Grand Theft Auto Online player creates in-game versions of iconic characters from Spider-Man’s movies and comic books.
As any fashion aspiring players are swift to learn, there are essentially endless possibilities to choose from when dressing up or styling the custom in-game protagonist in Grand Theft Auto Online. So many options, in fact, that it is undoubtedly not unusual to see Grand Theft Auto Online players recreate famous characters, but as bank-robbing delinquents with a penchant for pursuing a quick buck. However, these upcoming comic book characters will not have any qualms about fitting into Los Santos's chaotic, crime-ridden atmosphere.
For the uninitiated, there's more to Grand Theft Auto Online's world than just beaches, gunfights, and business properties with vanity views. After all, players can pay a visit to one of GTA Online's clothing stores or barbers to customize their very own character's appearance in remarkable detail. But, while most players throw on a baseball cap and call it a day, there are some visionary creatives out there bringing pop culture icons into the game to varying degrees of success.
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Now, after paying a visit to said stores, Reddit user NotASynth499 has remarkably transported a gallery of Spider-Man characters into Grand Theft Auto Online. Because of this impressive collection of virtual doppelgangers, NotASynth499's series of posted images that depict the icons amassed over 700 upvotes, as many other users went to the reply section to commend the creator on their efforts on recreating the titular web-head and his associates.
Making up the gallery is a plethora of franchise-defining characters but more notably the Spider-Man: No Way Home villain The Lizard. This literal bi-pedal reptile is iconic among fans for his green cross-species monstrosity of an appearance, which is what makes it more than impressive to see NotASynth499 faithfully transport the villain into GTA Online with his legendary design intact.
On top of this, Spidey's love interests Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, and Felicia Hardy also made the cut. Although the former two characters are inspired by their Sam Raimi movie counterparts, Hardy's design looks to be based on her video game incarnation in the acclaimed Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC.
Despite the appreciation for the supporting cast of characters, most users on the post directed their attention to the impressive in-game recreation of Spider-Man. From his crimson spandex suit to his signature navy blue boots, NotASynth499 captured the essence of Spider-Man pretty accurately. Of course, the fan's result could not perfectly emulate Spider-Man's traditional costume verbatim, but what the player lacks in webbing patterns and spider iconography, they make up for with the theatrical action shot.
In summary, even though a decade has nearly passed since the multiplayer shooter debuted, Grand Theft Auto Online remains to have a dedicated community that continues to flex its creativity by producing some of the most interesting in-game creations. Not only that, there have been several other Spider-Man tributes in other Rockstar Games' titles too, as one player recently brought villain Doc Ock into Red Dead Online.
Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.
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Source: Reddit
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