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Jan 19, 2022

Earlier, gambling products and gambling entertainment were considered different “worlds.” But now, the list of games is constantly growing, starting to cover new spheres. This is evidenced by modern research and studies.
In the past, gambling and gaming experiences were different in nature. The games at the best no deposit casinos consisted primarily of a game of “chance” where players wagered real money and could win cash. On the other hand, online games offered a classic gaming experience – solo or multiplayer. Nowadays, the line between the two worlds is getting blurry. In this review, you will find out why this is happening.
According to research by scientists Daniel L. King and Phillipa Calado, the past decade has seen a merger of the two. Social platforms offer users games that are traditionally associated with gambling: roulette, slots, poker, and others. While these games are free to play, they include the ability to perform microtransactions to purchase in-game items that are designed to enhance the user’s gaming experience.
Many popular games are based on a combination of luck and skill, such as the card game from Blizzard, Hearthstone, or Gwent. The latter is a reproduced card game from the popular The Witcher universe. This “gamification” of the gambling experience has brought classic gambling disciplines closer to online gaming.
Investigating this issue, scientists note that the blurring of boundaries is influenced by technological processes and legislative regulation. Technology has made the Internet commonplace and inevitably brought bookmakers to the Internet; numerous sites where you can bet money on events in computer games have appeared. Dozens of mobile betting apps have been developed.
As a result, people began to gamble on sports rather than playing roulette or poker. Here are some illustrative examples:
At the end of this review, it is worth noting that the rapid development of IT technologies is making adjustments in different areas. Therefore, it is not surprising that gaming and gambling, which went in parallel, have intersected and become a kind of symbiosis. Thanks to this, it became possible to take the best from each industry and make better slots and more exciting video games.
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