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Here is a list of marketplaces to buy and sell online businesses. There are established and specialty brokers to oversee the entire process — vetting the parties, determining market value, and ensuring secure transactions.
There are also free and low-cost boards for buyers and sellers to find each other, perform due diligence, and complete the transaction on their own.
Flippa is a popular platform to buy or sell an online business. With over 120,000 registered buyers, Flippa has facilitated the sale of 250,000 businesses. Search by age, price, or category through websites, apps, domains, ecommerce businesses, digital content, marketplaces, services, SaaS, and more. Browse curated searches, such as low-maintenance dropship business, fast-growing recession-proof businesses, and businesses with over $100,000 in annual profit. Flippa also offers a concierge service for first-time buyers and an in-depth due diligence service, as well as access to third-party broker and financing services. Price: 5 to 15 percent transaction fee, based on the sale amount. Due diligence is $1,500. See site for additional pricing.

Exchange is Shopify’s marketplace to buy and sell ecommerce businesses. Sellers can create public or private listings. Click the “Sell your business” option to obtain a valuation and create your listing. Sellers can use the suggested price or set their own. Revenue and traffic data on each listing is pulled directly from its Shopify account. Search business types, including drop shipping, partner stores, and staff picks. Exchange securely transfers the store to the buyer, and the seller receives the funds from escrow. Contact for pricing. The final service fee is disclosed after you accept an offer and create a transaction in the payment flow.

FE International
FE International provides merger-and-acquisitions advisory services for SaaS, ecommerce, and content businesses. It specializes in business sales from roughly $50,000 to $5,000,000, completing over $500 million in acquisitions and over 800 transactions. FE International helps entrepreneurs progress through the milestones required to complete a successful transaction — from exit planning to valuation analysis, strategic negotiations, due diligence, acquisition accounting, legal structuring, post-sale considerations, and more. Price: Buyers are charged the higher of 2.5 percent or $1,000. Contact for seller pricing.

Latona’s is a boutique mergers-and-acquisitions broker specializing in established, cash-flow-positive web properties. Beginning as a domain name broker, Latona’s now handles ecommerce sites (including Amazon sellers and Shopify), membership, lead generation, SaaS, and domain portfolios. Latona’s focuses on properties that meet two requirements: annual profit of at least $20,000 and established for at least one year. Contact for pricing.

Empire Flippers
Empire Flippers is a curated marketplace for buying and selling web businesses. The platform vets all sellers, examining the site’s history of earnings and traffic. Sellers must have at least $1,000 in monthly profit and 12 months of revenue. Empire Flippers currently lists 91 businesses for sale, priced from $15,000 to $10,000,000. Price: Sellers pay 2 to 15 percent commission upon completion.

QuietLight Brokerage
QuietLight Brokerage facilitates the buying and selling of profitable online businesses. Potential sellers receive a free valuation from an experienced analyst. Every advisor at QuietLight Brokerage has built, bought, or sold an online business. QuietLight currently lists 29 businesses for sale, with asking prices from $99,000 to $17,000,000. Contact for pricing.

Digital Exits
Digital Exits specializes in the sale of online businesses with $250,000 to $5,000,000 in annual profit. The average deal price in the last 12 months was $3,100,000, according to the site. When evaluating the valuation of a business, Digital Exits considers profit, growth trends, website traffic, age of the company, link profile, business model, niche, and competitors. Digital Exits currently lists eight businesses for sale, with asking prices ranging from $150,000 to $9,000,000. Contact for pricing.

Website Properties
Website Properties is another brokerage run by entrepreneurs who have operated and sold over 50 internet-based businesses in the last 20 years. Website Properties has over 25,000 clients with acquisition criteria ranging from $100,000 to $25,000,000. It claims an 85-percent success rate. The platform currently lists 22 businesses for sale, with asking prices from $25,000 to $20,000,000. Tiered commissions start at 6 percent. Contact for pricing.

Sedo — “Search Engine for Domain Offers” — is a platform for the professional trading of domain names. It provides a searchable marketplace with over 19 million listed domains as well as services for domain buyers and sellers, including domain parking, value appraisals, and full-service marketing by its brokerage team. Sedo has over 2 million registered customers. Contact for pricing.

SideProjectors is a community and marketplace for side projects, such as ecommerce businesses, SaaS products, developer projects, and blogs. If you have a side project and you are no longer working on it and wish to sell it, you can post it on SideProjectors. There is no cost to list a project, and the platform does not take a commission on sales. You can also post a project to showcase your work, get feedback, or find a collaborator. Price: Free.
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