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January is often known as a critical time to kick your job search into gear, but there is another set of online tools that sees its highest traffic in January, and that’s online dating apps. But if you’re a security professional, you may be slightly more cautious about how you market not just your job skills, but your dating skills online. The general rule for security clearance holders (or really for anyone working in this industry) is to avoid posting things that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see. Online postings have a way of creeping back up later, even if deleted. But what if you are looking for love? It doesn’t help that the easiest way to spot your fish is in a sea of online dating apps:
I’m wondering how other Field Investigators feel about online dating as an FI. I’m cautious around social media in general, but I’m single, and this is how people appear to be meeting these days (no matter how much I dig in my heels). I’m not in a metropolitan area, so I’ve avoided it so far. I live in a small city and am one of only two FIs that work the area, making the chances of encountering someone that will have seen a profile pic of me (and any associated personal info) higher than may be expected elsewhere, which is why I haven’t done it so far……as any sense of “authority” or control in an interview would go out the window in such a case. Anyway. Would love some input. Thanks.
-Sleepless in Somewhere.
As you think about creating a profile as a security professional on one of the online dating apps, think about how you operate online in any other circumstance. For the “what do you do for a living?” portion, you don’t necessarily have to lie, but could list something as vague as “security consultant”.
Ensure you aren’t making any of the info personally identifying (i.e. listing your address), and you should be fine to wade in the dating waters. One background investigator:
I met my wife, while I was a FI, through a dating app… over 15 years ago.
Most FIs are human, or at least close enough to pass for one in public. Give it a shot, mind your Ps & Qs (i.e. don’t bore people with your job and report any foreign nationals you date) and you will be fine.
Another commenter says that she has used online dating apps as well and lists “consultant” on her profile. If the relationship gains traction, she would give more detail. “Go for it. YOLO.”
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