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One business owner in Grand Theft Auto Online experiences a strange yet hilarious circumstance that sees a deer wandering around their agency.
Grand Theft Auto Online players can see some pretty absurd things during their adventures that are certain to make some do a double-take to confirm what they saw actually happened. After all, there are essentially endless oddities and outer-worldly Easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto Online for players to discover in all regions of the map. However, what makes some unbelievable events much more interesting than others is when they happen by pure coincidence or because of a glitch, as it makes the experience more unique for the player.
One of developer Rockstar Games' most treasured traits is how its games let players find entertaining or down-right bizarre events. Fortunately, even after nearly a decade has passed since its debut, Grand Theft Auto Online is still no stranger to these exceptional unscripted experiences either. With that said, whether intentional or not, this recent discovery has to be one of the game's most unusual sightings.
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Reddit user TM01xPawan has found evidence to reinforce the very notion that the multiplayer shooter still has some enigmas up its sleeve yet to be seen. Leaving many gamers amused and confused at another funny glitch in Grand Theft Auto Online, the bewilderment arose when TM01xPawan uploaded a series of wild images onto the game's subreddit. Those who aimlessly scroll by the pictures may chalk it up to the animal being a piece of taxidermy. However, examining closer reveals that the deer towering over the player's bed is alive and breathing.
More experienced players will know that deer will usually be found in the forested areas of Blaine County in GTA Online, but can also be spotted in all rural areas, with the exception being the Grand Senora Desert. With this being the case, many users drew this occurrence up to it being a glitch, as one player stated that they saw a similar bug but with theirs being "Lost gang NPCs […] dead and scattered about [their] penthouse."
Having said that, there are other methods to find beasts and wildlife in GTA Online, but it entails using hacks and cheats. Causing much inconvenience to Rockstar Games, one user expresses how it is woefully common for players to be in a free roam lobby and see hackers "just walk around spawning random stuff," particularly "on GTA Online on PC." Thus, this peculiar happening may have malicious origins. Nevertheless, chaotic moments like these make for some unforgettable memories for Grand Theft Auto Online players that stick around long after putting the controller down.
Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.
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