25 Year Old Blogger Ahyanah Mincy Releases Ebook On Business Ideas – Deccan Herald

To help others achieve the same success she has, 25-year-old Ahyanah Mincy created an ebook with 20 simple-to-implement internet business ideas earlier this month. Ahyanah wanted to develop a handbook that offers practical information on how to establish your own internet company so that others could also benefit from her successful strategies.
Ahyanah Mincy is a current resident of Newark, New Jersey, who enjoys writing novels and running her own online business. She began blogging about successful women in the corporate world while studying business at Saint Peter’s University and subsequently discovered a lifelong interest in business writing. 
After beginning to blog about outstanding females in the business industry on OnMogul while she was still a student, Ahyanah realized this was something she wanted to pursue long-term. Ahyanah has followed her calling and has continued to blog about today’s successful female entrepreneurs. Patch, Parsippany Focus, and even a Huffington Post writer have all recognized her incredible writing talent on her blog articles.
Throughout her studies and blogging career, Ahyanah has honed her skills in earning money online and discovering methods for launching and sustaining a successful online business. Ahyanah’s proven strategies on blog monetization, social media marketing, and web design are a result of her hard work, research, and dedication to her goals.
She has always wanted to use her platform to inspire and empower other women to achieve their goals of becoming accomplished entrepreneurs. However,  Ahyanah realized that to achieve this goal, simply telling success stories on their own was not enough.
Additionally, she wished to promote business success among women, which is why she wrote her ebook 20 Online Business Ideas. Ahyanah has discovered time and again that you must first have a concept to start a successful company. 
So, her publication intends to teach this essential concept to readers while showing them twenty different internet-based enterprises via which they may make money. Ahyanah covers everything she’s learned along the way, from how to generate money with a blog to affiliate marketing and drop shipping, as well as everything in between.
Ahyanah Mincy’s new ebook, 20 Online Business Ideas is an excellent example of how hard work and perseverance can pay off. It serves as an instructive guide for both seasoned and novice online sellers. She believes that it will be particularly beneficial to women who want to start their own businesses. Ahyanah’s ebook discusses her strategic plans in detail, sharing her advice on how to make necessary revisions to business plans so they can succeed.
As part of her participative approach, Ahyanah offers readers downloadable resources and tools. Ahyanah Mincy shares her skills with the audience on how to start an internet business. Her impressive knowledge covers several topics, including how to create an effective blog post, SEO, and social networking, all of which she has shared through her new publication.
As a successful author, blogger, and young female entrepreneur, Ahyanah wants to share her knowledge with those who also want to find positive results in business
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