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Stillfront Group-owned Sandbox Interactive just announced that their MMORPG Albion Online will be getting controller support soon after testing that will begin from the first week of March this year, the development comes ahead of the earlier announced steam deck implementation.
Controller support is coming to Albion Online! From March 2, you'll be able to play with a wide range of controllers, as well as the new #SteamDeck.

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The announcement was made through the company’s development blog post. The development team also said that they will start testing for controller support starting from March 2. The Sandbox interactive team will work on enabling as many controllers compatible with the game via testing it with different controllers.
As the game has a diverse users community that spans across the world, meaning which the team will be going all out on reaching the highest number of compatible controllers. The team also said that there will be a separate subforum opening up dedicated to controller support testing and feedback, so there will be a hub to follow the process as it develops. 
Albion Online is a medieval fantasy open-world game based on the Arthurian Legends, the weapons a player choose to equip defines his class, and with his skills and strength players will go on to gain fame which will give them access to new weapons and rare armor, the game runs on a completely player-driven economy where you can do farming, build houses and decorate them according to your style and fights demons from hell, all while exploring the limitless map of the game.
Bringing controller support to Albion online is the key step to making the game available to all kinds of audiences despite the way they connect. Controller support to Albion online will make the game available to everybody irrespective of where and how they connect. The team will work on a plan of action that will run the tests and optimization to keep making necessary improvements in order to bring a fully working controller support update.
Players who will be playing via Steam deck will be able to play via native controllers. For the first phase of testing that begins on the 2nd of March, controllers support activation will be made through chat commands enabling compatible controllers to work with the PC version of the game. 
With the sub-forum that will receive feedback and suggestions, it is safe to assume that the diverse user community of the game will push for a big list of compatible controllers.
Users can stay updated about all the information regarding the controller support update by visiting the official website or following the social media handles. Albion Online is available for download on the play store and app store.
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