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Published Monday, Feb. 28, 2022, 1:19 pm
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If you’ve ever played poker or if you’ve ever seen where such is played, then you already have an idea what Teen Patti is about.
Teen Patti is what a seasoned poker player will call a rare shot at wealth. Because, unlike poker, this Indian 3 card game comes with lesser complications.
In this post, we’re going to be exploring the world of Teen Patti, as well as things players can do to boost their winning chances.
As we said, Teen Patti is a lookalike of the globally-renowned game of poker. It was invented in India and, as such, has the name – Indian poker. Although it’s called Flush (or Flash) in some regions, you can simply call it Teen Patti or 3 cards.
Besides its Indian roots and poker traits, Teen Patti also takes inspiration from a certain British card game called ‘3 Card Brag.’ This is because the game itself is played with three cards – i.e., each player gets three cards to play.
Earlier, we mentioned that Teen Patti has its origin stretching back to South Asia – India. The game was viewed as a simple family game, which featured fathers, grandfathers, children, and friends back then.
Today, lots of players are embracing Teen Patti around the world. And we can thank the internet for that. While the beginning of tri-card felt like a family-themed engagement, its current reality is nothing short of a gambling business.
Unlike most gambling activities, Teen Patti is a legal game that’s accepted by most countries’ laws. This is because the game depends on skill as much as luck.
If you like to give the game a shot, we recommend visiting Online Gambling Guru today. There you can find tournaments, competitions, and quick games to play for real cash. If you hone your skills right, you’re guaranteed to win at a Teen Patti table.
But before you do that, we suggest that you read this post till the end so that you know what to expect when you get to the Online Gambling Guru site to play Teen Patti online.
Teen Patti is played with a card pack containing 52 cards. These cards are arranged in the usual order of card rankings: Ace (high) down to two (low).
Number of Players: As it is a variation of poker, there’s no limit on the number of people that can sit at a Teen Patti table. However, most sessions feature around to 3 to 7 players.
Actually, there’s no fixed amount of minimum stake. That depends solely on what the players agree on the day. For instance, a group of 5 players may agree that the minimum stake value is one unit. Each player then places this agreed amount in the center pot before the game begins.
An eventual winner walks away with the amount in the pot at the end of a session. Usually, this amount increases as the game wears on. We’ll explain how this is so later.
The game is launched by a dealer who places one card at a time in front of each player until everyone has three cards. These cards are dealt face down, meaning that no one can see what they’re given until the game starts.
To play, a player then bets on who has the best three cards in that hand. This bet can be placed in two ways.
One, the player can check his own set of three cards to know what he has before predicting if anyone has better hands than him. This is known as the ‘seen play.’ Or he can make his play in a blind position (not looking at his cards). This is known as the ‘blind play.’
Once the dealer finishes dealing, the player to the left of him starts the betting. After him, the next person to him plays. Like that, the game goes round in a clockwise fashion.
When it’s your turn to play, you will be required to put an additional bet into the pot to play. This is known as the playing stake. If you don’t pay this amount, it means you’re willing to fold. To fold means to leave the game and forego any previous stakes you’ve put in.
The playing stake depends on what the current stake in the round is and whether a player is playing in a ‘seen’ position or ‘blind.’
In a ‘seen’ position, your playing stake must be at least twice the current stake and at most four times the current stake.
In a ‘blind’ position (you’ve looked at your cards), your playing stake must be at least the current stake and at most twice the current stake.
Note: The current stake is the amount (pay stake) that the player before you has put in.
Story by Austin Ajayi
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