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hether it’s for your side hustle or beer money, finding a gig online is one of the things you should do in 2022.
If you are a student and looking for jobs after school or a stay-at-home mother this is for you. Working with real-life professionals will also give you some insight into reality after entering society but from a distance.
You can find online jobs mentioned below on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelance.com.
Data entry jobs require the least skills. Some platforms like Upwork will conduct a typing test or a language test if you are not from English-speaking countries before you apply for this position. You will need a computer and internet connection as well as attention to detail.
This job might involve data scraping, online research, file organization, excel sheet data entry, or transcription.
You can also find data entry gigs on Amazon Mechanical Turk, but this isn’t paying as much as it should.
You really don’t need to know how to code to become a web designer. Web design platforms like Squarespace and Wix can help you get the job done faster than you can think. If you know how to use Shopify you can also help small businesses to open their online e-commerce store.
Start looking for a potential client from local small businesses that need help building an online presence.
Social media marketing includes helping clients to run ads on different social media platforms, launch email campaigns to enhance engagement and improve customers' stickiness.
You will need copywriting skills, and sometimes basic graphic design skills, or at least an eye for high-quality designs.
You will help your client to run FB ads, Instagram ads that drive traffic to their website or Apps.
If you know nothing about how to do social media marketing. Mailchimp provides free lessons on how to launch and run a successful email campaign. If you have a budget I suggest attending online courses to learn about social media campaigns. Knowing this skill will not only help your marketing career but also helps you build your personal brand if you decided to go on your own one day.
A little bit different from the last job, the social media manager is also responsible for planning and making sure everything is in place within the scheduled timeline.
You will be making social media posts and posting them on social media such as Instagram and TikTok, as well as communicating with the audience.
The pay for this position will depend on what you are posting when to post, how often to post.
It will be a huge advantage if you have a following that you could leverage for the client but it is not necessary.
I hired a virtual assistant to help with my business two years ago. She was amazing to help with the admin aspect of my business. Managing my inbox, replying to emails in a professional manner, copywriting for our company blog,
You will help with customer service support, being the personal assistant, data entry, handling scheduling, managing emails, and more.
This job is perfect if you are Bilingual or have experience living and working in
The keywords related to this job are translation, localization, transcription, proofreading.
You can also look for authors or publishers that have Ebooks or online course that needs to be translated.
The pay for translation is typically by word count, and how much you are paid depends on the category of the content. If you are translating professional content such as legal documents or medical papers then the pay should be more.
You can also find fixed-hour translation work if the client has a consistent workload for the project.
You really don’t have to be a genius writer to get started. Clients will ask for previous writing examples before they commit to hiring you, so it’s best to have that in place before you apply for the related position.
Being a freelance writer is super flexible and if you enjoy reading and writing, this job is perfect for you.
You can write: sales copy, blog posts, news articles, branding material, ghostwriting for fiction and non-fiction books, product descriptions, the list can go on.
Pay range for freelance writers depends on your writing experience and what kind of content you are writing.
For example, if you are writing for a blog, knowing how to add keywords to enhance SEO within your article will raise your pay than those who don’t. So check out different requirements from your client and see one that suits you the best.
I have been posting videos on YouTube since 2019. And one of the reasons I haven’t posted as much as I should is because I simply just hate editing.
It’s not that I can’t do the editing, but it just takes too much time for me and I don’t enjoy the editing part at all. So I have hired several video editors to help make the amateur YouTuber life a lot easier. There’s a lot of demand out there!
You will be helping clients edit videos projects, editing online course videos, editing TikTok videos, editing YouTube videos, commercials, wedding videos, and more.
The pay for a video editor depends on your editing experience and different types of editing projects.
There are graphic design applications such as Photoshop and illustrator that require basic skills to know how to use the app. Or there are online tools such as Canva that are really easy to use and have tons of templates for social media posts.
You can help your clients to design social media posts, posters, ebook covers, design presentation slides, Logos, branding kits.
Besides design skills, communication skills are also crucial for this job since you will be working remotely and sometimes verbal communication just doesn't work when it comes to explaining the difference of those colors in your mind and in your client’s mind.
This is perfect if you are a native English speaker or have educational experience in English language countries. Even better if you are passionate about teaching and if you love kids. This job also requires a great amount of patience and advanced communication skills.
You will be teaching children and adults from non-English speaking countries on platforms such as VIPkids.
The pay for teaching English online ranges between $10 — $40 USD per hour depending on their level of qualification.
You can also find English tutoring jobs online via a job board or through the local parents' community.
When working remotely online, communication is the key.
It is more important than ever especially when you are working with another person on the other end of the internet cable. Learning how to communicate effectively is a great asset when working remotely.
Another thing is to have discipline and follow a fixed schedule as if you are working in an office despite the flexible hours. This will help you in the long run when it comes to keeping your mind sane and being more productive.
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Written by
Entrepreneur, a consultant for Startup companies, writer, and queen of multitasking. My YouTube https://tinyurl.com/vickyhui
empowerment through data, knowledge, and expertise. subscribe to DDIntel at https://ddintel.datadriveninvestor.com
Written by
Entrepreneur, a consultant for Startup companies, writer, and queen of multitasking. My YouTube https://tinyurl.com/vickyhui
empowerment through data, knowledge, and expertise. subscribe to DDIntel at https://ddintel.datadriveninvestor.com


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