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Gaming is an enormous industry. Recent estimates suggest that there are over 1.5 billion gamers around the globe. That makes the online game market a tantalising target for hackers to steal personal data, install malware and cause chaos. 
It’s not just gamers who have suffered at the hands of hackers; even big companies like EA have fallen victim. It begs the question: if huge corporations aren’t safe, how can we mere gaming mortals protect our online gaming profiles?
Well, there are a few simple things that you can do next time that you log into the virtual world to keep those baddies at bay.
Use secure passwords
Shockingly, over 2.5 million users have ‘123456’ as their password, while many other basic passwords take hackers less than a second to crack. To avoid a breach, change your passwords frequently and use a combination of letters, numbers, and characters.
Don’t reveal personal data 
Many gamers use personal information to create their usernames, such as variations of their real names or birthdates. This may seem harmless, but hackers can use such information to find out more about the person behind the tag.
Consider using a nickname and a string of random numbers instead of easily identifiable personal details to be safer.
Install a VPN
A virtual private network should be top of your list when you do anything online. A VPN helps to scramble your online data, making it impossible for hackers to gain access to your IP address. This ensures that they’re unable to access your online browsing data, protecting your personal data as a result (
Check your privacy settings 
As children, we’re taught not to talk to strangers on the street but, when it comes to the virtual world, the lines blur. While gaming is great for connecting with people from around the world, not everyone’s intentions are pure. 
After updates, check your privacy settings to ensure that your profile is private and invisible to strangers. If you receive a friend request from a stranger out of the blue, be on alert and check for signs that they’re not who they say they are.
Don’t download cheat software or pirate games 
It goes without saying but always buy your games legally and play them as intended, i.e. without third-party cheat software. It’s still safe to use ‘rosebud’ in The Sims, though!
You should be especially cautious around free downloads and cheat software.

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