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A playground of ski hills, the ocean and forest trails. World-class restaurants, nightlife, shopping, cultural and sporting events. Unbeatable and memorable experiences for families. Vancouver is the place to be.
Work on the streets of Vancouver or the water surrounding it, at the end of a police dog leash or undercover in the drug world, at the helm of a boat or an armoured response vehicle, in a crime lab or in the online world, on horseback, motorcycle or bicycle – no two days are ever the same.
Whether you’re searching for connection to meaningful work, the community you serve or the team you work with, we’ve got it all. We take care of our community, and we take care of our people.
We offer a generous pension and extended benefits. Our starting salary is $77,983, and grows to $111,709 within four years. We have gyms in all police buildings, career and mental health support, and an athletic therapist and physiotherapist on staff.
Prior to submitting your application, you must either watch the online Information Session or attend an in-person Information Session. Attending an in-person Information Session gives you the opportunity to hear directly from VPD recruiters and have your questions answered.
Book a 30-minute virtual or in-person session with one of our recruiters.
The Vancouver Police Department is a diverse, innovative, and award-winning police department. We serve Vancouver’s citizens and visitors, guided by our principles of integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence. We provide all who work here with the unique and rewarding opportunities that come with policing in an international port city, and the support they need to excel, both personally and professionally.
You are a caring and empathetic problem-solver, with a desire to make the world a better place. Looking for a career beyond the ordinary 9 to 5, you want something more exciting, more challenging, and more rewarding. As a team player, you believe that a group of committed, diverse, and goal-oriented individuals can accomplish extraordinary things.
2120 Cambie Street
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5Z 4N6
3585 Graveley Street
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5K 5J5
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