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Interactive movie games combine the best of both worlds: watching movies while playing video games.
The trend of interactive movie games has taken the video game world by storm, from thrilling heists and murder mysteries to psychological thrillers and horror fests galore. These games dive deep into the human psyche, and to witness it being performed by real-life actors like you would in any cinema gives an authentic feel to the whole experience.
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In recent years, we've had some absolute bangers in the interactive movie genre, giving you multiple, realistic endings. So, it would be remiss of us not to dedicate an entire list to some utterly exceptional interactive movie games.
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch looks like every other mind-bending Black Mirror episode – except it's not. Set in 1984, it follows programmer Stefan and his dream of adapting his favourite book Bandersnatch into a popular video game.
However, in the process of making the game, Stefan begins to spiral out of control. He starts to have difficulty in discerning what is real and what isn't. You can't tell if anything is real or not. As Stefan goes through a mental breakdown, this intense rollercoaster makes it seem like you're going with him.
2019's She Sees Red is a short, Russian murder-mystery thriller that's worth the playthrough. It puts you in the shoes of a detective investigating a murder at a nightclub after receiving a tip.
Aside from the detective, you actually play as the murderer, retracing the steps of what they did prior to the discovery. But all is not as it seems, and you're in for a real, unimaginable twist. With four different endings, this game is totally replayable, as you might be missing out on a lot of scenes.
CtrlMovie's BAFTA-winning Late Shift puts you in the shoes of maths student Matt, who absolutely detests his job as a night guard at a car park. What seems like another day (or night) on the job pulls Matt into a heist operation after the getaway driver points a gun at him.
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The group had been hired by a man named Mr Woe to steal a priceless porcelain bowl from an auction house. However, things take a turn for the worse when Mr Woe says he didn't make the deal. Now, Matt and his partner May-Ling must find a way to get out of this mess and stop a bloodthirsty triad from killing them.
Sam Barlow's Her Story gives an interesting take on the interactive movie genre, granting you the opportunity to do a bit of detective work of your own. A spiritual predecessor to 2019's Telling Lies, the game's premise sees you review interrogation tapes of the prime suspect of a murder case you're investigating.
It's up to you to decide whether the suspect is lying or telling the truth, so be sure to have a sharp eye and even sharper ears. You have to type in certain keywords to progress further to the truth to find out more about the victim and the suspect.
Telling Lies sees you delve into the lives of four people as a former FBI agent named Karen. It revolves around the story of another FBI agent named David Smith and his work as an undercover agent in a terrorist organisation.
However, it becomes clear that David's life (and mentality) begins to devolve, losing connections with his loved ones. Similarly to Her Story, typing specific keywords leads to uncovering more clips, revealing David's tragic life story.
Wales Interactive's The Complex follows the steps of Dr Amelia 'Amy' Tenent, with the first scene opening to Amy in a medic tent, deciding who she should prioritise the last serum for. This encourages Amy to spearhead Nanocell Technology to help save more lives.
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Unfortunately, it seems one of the interns have been infected with Amy's nanocells. Amy and an old colleague, Reese, return to the lab to investigate, only to be locked in. Now Amy and Reese must find a way out, as well as uncover the dark truth behind her Nanocell Technology in the process.
The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker pushes you to the fore as a professional psychiatrist and criminal investigator at the same time. You're looking into the murder of Dr Dekker, as well as treating the patients (and suspects) he left behind.
This murder-mystery game works with you typing in questions to ask them, as well as answering questions back. Again, the importance of what questions you ask really plays into your progress in discovering the killer. Interestingly, each new playthrough assigns a different killer to keep it refreshing.
2021's The Dark Side Of The Moon plops you in the role of single father Dean, whose quest to find his two missing kids is the main goal for this game.
Set in the tiny village of Marywine where everyone knows each other, Dean has his work cut out for him in singling out the culprit. The game also has some sci-fi elements, with a connection to a solar eclipse that Dean must find the connection to. This trippy yet intense adventure will certainly keep you on your toes.
You may think that you're playing as Jed, an asylum patient, but in reality you're not. In fact, you're actually playing as the voices in Jed's head, guiding him to escape the mental hospital he's in.
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And to top it all off, Jed can see ghosts. But are they ghosts, or simply another figment of his shattered mind? Chatterbox: Escape The Asylum is one interesting premise, as Jed attempts to make a break for it by making pivotal choices.
Baggy Cat's At Dead Of Night drops you in a world that gives off major 'The Shining' vibes. You control a student named Maya, who wanders an isolated hotel looking for a way out.
However, she can't stay in one spot too long, as hotel owner and deranged killer Jimmy Hall is on the lookout for her. In this intense cat-and-mouse chase, you must uncover the truth behind Jimmy by doing a bit of ghost hunting, while trying to avoid being nabbed by him.
Jessika sees you play as a professional digital tracker and social media detective hired by Jessika's father, who desperately wants answers why his daughter took her own life.
Similar to Her Story and Telling Lies, Jessika has you watch clips of Jessika as well as inserting keywords to progress further. Jessika's story is not so straightforward as it seems, as the truth concerning her death becomes more and more twisted.
Set in South Korea, Juri is a popular Instagram influencer, whose miserable reality is far removed from what she posts on Instagram. But everything changes when Juri wakes up to find herself kidnapped and in a strange location.
When she runs into a fellow hostage, Juri and Sun-Hoo runs off with a man in a mask chasing after them. A surprising twist is in the works for Juri as she nears the end of her story.
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