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Food service contractor Levy Restaurants is ready to play ball with a new team of part-time employees to serve fans at Tropicana Field and Al Lang Stadium.
“Cashiers, bartenders, retail associates, cooks, warehouse," said Levy Restaurants HR Director Cacee Coleman. “We’re looking to fill 75 to 100 positions.”
But they’re facing some serious challenges in that search, and it’s not just because major league baseball and players are in a negotiation stalemate. Their bigger challenge is finding people like Jasmine Mondy to show up and apply.
Mondy is a full-time teacher and doesn’t understand why she was one of only a handful of people who showed up at Wednesday night’s job fair at Tropicana Field.
“At this point even if you were in a good job making good money, you still need like a side hustle because you never know where the economy’s gonna go or anything," she said. "So for me, it’s just a way of earning extra cash on the side. Plus when the summer comes, I have more free time so I have things to do to spend my cash.”
Cacee said she was hoping for more people to show up at the job fair.
“Yes, but we have another job fair at the end of the month that we’re gonna have and we’ll continue to push it out online," she said. "So we’re very grateful one of them did so that we can get them in going and just keep pushing for others.”
For Mondy, it makes her chances for landing a part-time bartending job pretty good. And she is already planning for what she’ll do with the extra money she’ll make. 
“My main goal right now is to save a lot of money to purchase my own house," she said. "Maybe not right now because economy is horrible, but pretty much investing and saving.” 


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