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Mar 5, 2022
Michael D. McElwain LEADING THE WAY — The team leading the way at Barium & Chemicals, Inc. includes, front, from left, Debbie Venci, President; Lisa McKee, Production Manager; Rachel Blankenship, VP/Quality; Adrienne Daugherty, ISO Manager; Jennifer Sarvas, Purchasing; Junice Cochran, Sales/Shipping & Receiving; and back, Ed McAllister, Production Lead; Anthony Venci, VP/Facility Maintenance; Kevin Howard, Maintenance Lead; and Tyler Miller, Production Lead.
STEUBENVILLE — As a family-owned and operated business, Barium & Chemicals Inc., has always set an incredibly high standard for success and outreach to the community. Currently under the leadership of Debbie and Anthony Venci, Barium takes deep pride as a woman-owned and operated business over the past decades. With close to 80 specialty compounds produced and sold worldwide, this has remained a vibrant place of employment within the community for more than 60 years. We have continued our commitment toward finding employees who are ambitious and want to give back to those that surround them. Our doors are always open to those seeking employment and wish to further their careers.
Organized in 1937, Barium & Chemicals, Inc. has carved out a niche as chemical supplier for technical and purified grades of specialty chemicals used in a variety of businesses, especially munitions, pyrotechnics, and automobile industries. The history of Barium includes supply as a major contractor through World War II and aiding the military in writing chemical specifications with which they analyze critical compounds. To this day, this has not changed and Barium & Chemicals Inc. remains a major player in providing feedback to those who serve their country.
Barium is an avid supporter of our veterans and military and we thank those who selflessly serve our country.”
Barium & Chemicals, Inc. stands on 180,000 square feet of property that once was the site for Steubenville pottery. Barium has always had a love for history and the belief in revitalizing the materials that may be found within the surrounding area. Investment in the local area is key to success from the past to the present. A passion for Barium & Chemicals, Inc. is the belief in faith, family, and local business. The company has always invested in Steubenville once they moved the location from Willoughby to Steubenville in 1958.
Throughout the years, as with any business, obstacles have been faced and difficult decisions have been made. The one key item that has set Barium apart, is the knowledge that faith in God will always lead to the right finish line. Faith is the only security in an ever-changing world. The company has a strong commitment toward giving back to the community through schools, churches, Boys and Girls Scouts, restaurants, and the revitalization of Steubenville and local communities. Barium is a strong supporter of buying local and upholding the small business platform. It is well understood how difficult the road may be to thrive as a business. That is why the support for others and the ability to give back to the community has always been a foundational building block.
Together as a community, it is much easier to navigate, learn, and build lasting friendships that take us all through the beautiful journey of life.
“As always, we are happy to welcome new employees at all times.
“Please contact (740) 282-9776 or visit us at if you would be interested in joining our team.”
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