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The leading cloud computing provider worldwide is Amazon Web Services. The cloud-computing arm of the behemoth Amazon has grown into the most profitable unit of the company, earning the trust of businesses worldwide for its offerings.
The majority of businesses – 61% – will migrate their workloads to the cloud by 2020. In 2020, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will account for 76% of enterprise cloud usage.
All that is offered by AWS is server, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security. According to Amazon, its revenue from AWS will represent 13% by Q2. The company controls nearly twice as many cloud computers as its nearest competitor, Google.
For many enterprises, moving to cloud computing has been an easy decision. Automating fragmented processes, speeding up delivery of projects, and lowering costs are just a few of the ways AWS can benefit companies. In fact, Amazon Web Services is most commonly used by household names like Disney and Pinterest.
A cloud service provider that provides on-demand services like compute, storage, networking, security, databases, etc that can be accessed through the internet across the globe, and those services may not be managed. Using Amazon Web Services or AWS as an abbreviation represents the democratization of the internet.
Amazon Web Services is being used by more than 64% of enterprises (in some capacity) in the public cloud, according to Contino’s study The State of the Public Cloud in the Enterprise for 2020.
AWS is used to power the enterprise applications of more than 1,300 organizations, including 120 Fortune 500 companies. By combining finance, HR, and planning into one integrated system, Workday has helped businesses improve performance for decades.
Nearly 94% of enterprises have already used the cloud. A report published by Right Scale for 2019 reports that 91% of enterprises are using public clouds while 72% use private clouds. Both options are actually used by organizations today – 65% of them using a hybrid cloud solution.
are the percentage of small, mid-sized and large ost of small and mid-sized companies that use AWS Cloud? In a given region, there are 284,997 companies which operate with AWS. These companies number around 1-10 individuals. Among the 92,853 midsized companies that use Amazon AWS, 51-200 employees utilize it.
Currently, Amazon Web Services delivers a highly reliable, scalable platform in the cloud which powers hundreds of thousands of businesses around the globe with cheap, scalable computing resources from the cloud.
Amazon Web Services is an electronic content delivery platform for servers, storage, networking, remote computing, emails, mobile application development, and security. As of Q2 2021, Amazon’s total revenue from AWS accounts for about 13%.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most commonly used computing and storage platform by Netflix, which runs more than 100,000 functions, such as databases, analytics, and recommendation engines, videos, and more.
By using AWS, you will have the ability to quickly and securely host applications, even when their current applications or those based on SaaS are already in use. This platform can be accessed via AWS’s application hosting platform via the AWS Management Console, or through well-documented APIs related to applications.
AWS offers over 200 products and services, including cloud computing, storage, networking, database storage, analytics, application processing, deployment, management, machine learning, and robotics and analytics for smart factories.

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