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The Vespucci Job is an Adversary Mode mission in GTA Online where players must evade or chase one another around downtown Los Santos. There are up to four players on the job, one attempting to run while the other tries to intercept them.
As the weekly bonus game, upon loading into GTA Online, players have the option of jumping straight into The Vespucci Job. Alternatively, the job can be easily accessed through ‘Rockstar Created Jobs’ in the start menu.
This article hopes to guide players step-by-step on how to play The Vespucci Job in Adversary Mode on GTA Online.
The mission is simple for both teams in this game of cat and mouse. Gamers in the Issi Classic must weave around the city through alleyways and streets, trying to collect 15 checkpoints while the pursuing players in cop cars try to stop them.
Currently, paying out triple money and RP for the weekly bonus, gamers are genuinely loving this job and making a fair bit of money at the same time. Playing this mode for a few hours can earn gamers hundreds of thousands of dollars.
This game mode is so enjoyable for most fans because of how fair it is. Players starting as runners will have checkpoints highlighted on the map, making it nice and easy to see where they need to go. The cops, on the other hand, have no idea about which point the Issi driver will head next.
The image above shows the interceptors blocking the Issi in on the main road. This is a textbook-move by the three interceptors, boxing in the car, so there is nowhere to go. The only thing the runner can do now is respawn, which will incur a 20-second penalty.
Playing as a runner in GTA Online, it is best to try and keep changing direction and using the tiniest access points and entrances when driving to checkpoints.
By doing this, it should confuse the cop cars in pursuit. It’s a bonus in this game that the Issi Classic is so small and quick that it can throw interceptors off their game. Getting trapped by the police car and losing time respawning is not ideal.
When chasing the runner, interceptors should try and cover more ground rather than all chasing the target down tiny alleys where they crash and pile up. A good tip is to try and anticipate the direction the runner will go next. If there are three police officers, one should remain in hot pursuit while the other tails along the side roads to preempt the target’s next turn.
There is no sure-fire way of winning this job every time; however, following the above tips should help gamers win at least a few more times.

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