McDonald's, Coca Cola and KFC branded 'appalling' as it's business as usual in Russia – The Mirror

It’s McShame as burger giants McDonald’s and Burger King along with Coca-Cola, KFC and other big Western firms continue to trade in Russia despite Vladimir Putin’s barbaric war
McDonald’s and other big ­western firms faced growing fury tonight for continuing to operate in Russia.
Burger King, KFC, Pepsi and Coca-Cola were also among those still cashing in despite Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine.
Labour’s Chris Bryant accused some giants of “losing their moral compass”.
Others, including Apple and Visa, will pause trade in Russia.
The public backlash against mega rich western firms still trading in Russia was tonight growing as they faced further demands to pull out.
While some big names have suspended activities, others such as McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Starbucks continue to operate in the country, despite the invasion of Ukraine.
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Calls to boycott those firms grew, in a bid to further isolate Vladimir Putin over his barbaric shelling of innocent civilians as his forces sweep through the land.
Labour MP Chris Bryant said it was “appalling” that the firms “won’t do the right thing”. He added: “Some of these multinationals have lost their moral compass.”
Lib Dem Leader Ed Davey added: “Too many Western companies seem to think it’s ­business as usual despite Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine.
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“Apple, Visa, Netflix and others have bravely led the way by pulling out of Russia. I hope others will now follow. It’s time to cut Putin’s rogue regime off for good.”
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss was today asked if she backed the idea of “Pepsi, McDonald’s and Coke withdrawing from Russia” and she replied: “Yes.”
McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Starbucks and KFC owner Yum Brands were today approached but had not responded tonight.
Anger grew on social media at the continued trading. One Twitter user said of McDonald’s: “You keep on paying taxes to the Russian government, which started the war.”
Another wrote: “Stop supporting Russia, a country that kills ­civilians. Spread the word. Boycotts make a difference.”
One issue for some of the fast food multinationals remaining trading in Russia is their outlets are run by local franchisees. However McDonald’s owns the vast majority of its 847 restaurants.
Burger King has said its 800 outlets “are owned and operated by local franchisees and are not company-owned restaurants”.
It added: “We support the ­sanctions and will insist our ­franchisees in Russia abide by those as well.”
Starbucks has said its 130 Russian outlets are owned by a “licensed partner”.
Next clothing became the latest western firm to act in protest of Putin’s murderous ­invasion.
It has stopped ­shipments of products and will now mothball its ­warehouse in Russia and turn off its website there.
Firms including Apple, Netflix, Zara and Jaguar Land Rover have announced they will pause ­activities in Russia.
BP and Shell revealed plans to pull out of the country altogether.
Some of the companies still trading in Russia are facing ­pressure from investors.
New York State’s pension fund, a shareholder in both McDonald’s and PepsiCo Inc, urged the firms and others to consider pausing their operations.
Uniqlo is also still operating in Russia. But Tadashi Yanai, chief executive of owner Fast Retailing, said: “Clothing is a necessity of life.
“The people of Russia have the same right to live as we do.”
Some online users also pointed to the fact the West was continuing to buy oil and gas from Russia. British supermarkets, including Tesco and Asda, have pledged more than £5million to help Ukrainians.
Tesco Mobile has scrapped all charges for UK customers making calls to loved ones in the country.
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