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During Ramadan; food is prepared and cooked for the evening meal at sundown, but coronavirus means Pakistan’s restaurants and shops are closed. Some entrepreneurs are using their internet skills to keep their businesses afloat.

Only few countries are reporting more new coronavirus infections compared with the previous two weeks. Global data trends show that the pandemic situation is improving. DW sums up the current situation in three charts.
Hong Kong is “discussing” whether it should lock down, in spite of previously ruling out the measure. Elsewhere, New Zealand has lifted a requirement for travelers to isolate for a week. Follow DW for the latest.
Delhi has canned COVID restrictions, but officials have warned citizens to stay vigilant. Meanwhile, Germany’s health minister has advised against easing restrictions as infection rates remain high. Follow DW for more.
In Germany, people have become used to staying home and eating at home. The owners of bars and restaurants say their business is all but dead.
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