Rockstar respond to GTA Online exploit making it impossible to play the game –

A new GTA Online report is claiming that the developers have addressed the exploit that has been forcing players into spectator mode.
A new source is claiming that Rockstar Games have finally responded to the frustrating GTA Online exploit that is forcing players into spectator mode.

There have been multiple reports of GTA Online players being unable to load into Los Santos after receiving invites from random usernames that force them to automatically enter the game’s spectator mode.
Since the source of these invites sometimes leads to the same in-game ID, players are convinced that this is a new GTA exploit, and a source claims that Rockstar have already addressed this issue.
This glitch stops players from jumping into GTA Online and forces them into sessions to spectate the gameplay of others instead. Now, a report from notable leaker ‘Tez2’ claims that the developers are aware of the problem.
The leaker stated on March 7 that they had heard from a source about Rockstar working on a fix for the issue. Tez2 tweeted: “Rockstar is now aware of the exploit and will be addressing this soon, as per a source.”
However, GTA Online players are still reportedly encountering this issue, so it seems that the developers have yet to completely remove the exploit from the game. Hopefully, we’ll see it get patched up soon.
Rockstar is now aware of the exploit and will be addressing this soon, as per a source.
Reddit user pongo1231 explained what supposedly causes this exploit: “The way it works is by sending some request through [Rockstar’s] presence servers which causes the client to freak out and quit the current session.”
Players have reported seeing a prompt to sign-off on a new EULA agreement after opening up GTA Online, and it’s likely that this is a result of the devs implementing a new fix for the issue in the game.
We’ll keep checking for more developments regarding this issue and will be sure to update you as soon as Rockstar Games completely remove this exploit from GTA Online altogether.
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Skills are a crucial part of FIFA 22, and can make a big difference against the best players. Here’s how to perform every single trick.
In FIFA 22, it’s sometimes tough to break down those stubborn defenses. Throwing in some skills can be the perfect way to open up space and look impressive while doing it. Here’s a full guide on all the skill moves in FIFA 22 and the ones you need to learn.

Defending in FIFA 22 has seen a bit of a revamp, and players are much keener to stay in formation and make life difficult for the attacking team. This means it can be difficult to create chances for your strikers.
Skills are a vital weapon in your FIFA arsenal and can be the secret to unlocking those tightly packed defenses. There’s plenty of flicks and tricks to choose from in FIFA 22, so here’s every single one – as well the ones you should learn first.
It’s worth noting that the directions in each input relate to which way the player is facing.
Every year, EA throws some new fancy skills into the mix to keep cocky full-backs on their toes. For FIFA 22, four more have been added and they’re all on the more advanced side of the scale.
Surely you’ve seen these show up in plenty of FUT Champions games throughout the course of the season.
These are the basic selection of skills that can be pulled off by any player on the pitch all the way down to the goalkeepers.
While none of these are revolutionary, the Bridge, in particular, is still a great way to quickly get around an unsuspecting defender.
The tricks in the next rank-up are still relatively easy to perform and can be used by nearly every player in the game with the exception of keepers.
Skills like Stepovers might not be the most glamorous, but they’re still handy to keep in mind. In fact, as the game’s meta progresses, occasionally using simpler inputs could catch your opponent off guard.
Now we’re getting to the much more useful commands. The Roulette is particularly useful in the middle park for quickly breaking through the lines and bypassing the opponent’s midfielders.
The Heel Chop helps create space in the penalty area and confuses any defenders hoping to put in a block.
With 4-star skills, you’re starting to hit the more advanced moves that only the more gifted players can pull off.
These can usually be used by wide players or attacking midfielders who are known to be good on the ball.
These are the most complex skills that can only be carried out by the most notoriously tricky players in world football, like Neymar Jr or Jadon Sancho.
If you’re hoping to hunt for the top rewards in FUT Champs or play Career Mode on the hardest difficulty, then you’ll need to have a mastery of most of these skills.
In FIFA 22 skills do have plenty of practical uses, but sometimes we just want to show off, right?
That’s where juggling tricks come in. They’re not the most efficient way of going past a defender, but they’re definitely the most satisfying.
Standard kick-ups can be started by any player by holding L2/LT and repeatedly tapping R1/RB when stood still.
As we mentioned earlier, the most advanced skill can only be done by players with the precious 5-star skills stat.
There are just over 70 players that have been awarded this status, some of which are ICONS, and many that are playing in lower leagues that won’t be used as often.
With that in mind, we’ve picked out the best 5-star skill players you should consider adding to your team.
That was our extensive guide on how to pull off every skill move in FIFA 22. Be aware that some of these take a lot of practice to master, so head into the arena rather than risk practicing them in a competitive match.
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A new Apex Legends leak suggests that a Loba Heirloom could be on the way with the arrival of Season 13 and we’ve got all the details for you.
The latest major Apex Legends leak hints at Loba’s Heirloom coming to the battle royale in Season 13 and a teased version of the design has reportedly already been scrapped.

Heirlooms are without a doubt the most desired cosmetics in Apex Legends. We’ve seen some incredible designs over the years and players are always eagerly anticipating what the latest Heirloom will be.
We know that Crypto should finally receive an Heirloom in an upcoming Season 12 event however leaks are hinting that Loba could be next in line. Although Season 13 won’t be coming any time soon, Loba fans are already wondering about the new Heirloom design.
Apex Legends leaker Thordan Smash goes over the latest leaks in a recent video. The information in the video reveals that it is highly likely Loba follows up Crypto as the next legend to receive an Heirloom after Season 12.
Instead of teasing what the Heirloom could look like, the Apex Legends expert shows a scrapped version of Loba’s Heirloom that highlights a trident full of jewels. The leak suggests that this previous version is being scrapped in favor of something new and fresh.
You can skip to 1:40 in the video above to hear the discussion surrounding Loba’s supposed Heirloom. Although there’s no telling what the new design will look like you can see what it was previously supposed to be.
With the trident removed from the equation who knows what the end result will be. Thankfully, players will have a ton of time to speculate considering Season 12 only just began on February 8.
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Ever wondered how many people are logging into Rocket League each day? We’ve got everything you need to know about its player count in 2022.
Rocket League is one of the biggest free-to-play games in the world, but how many people are logging on each day? Let’s take a look at Rocket League’s player count in 2022.

It would come as no surprise that Rocket League is one of the most popular games in the world. Simple to learn but difficult to master, almost anyone can pick up Rocket League and play – and with it being free-to-play with crossplay support, there’s all the more reason.
But just how many people actually play Rocket League? Here’s everything you need to know about Rocket League’s daily and monthly player counts.
According to ActivePlayer, Rocket League has almost six million players a day, with over 90 million players logging in across both January and February 2022.
ActivePlayer estimates the concurrent players across every platform Rocket League is available on, ranging all the way from the PS3 to the Nintendo Switch.
February saw 94,985,570 players log in for some vehicular soccer, which is a slight drop from January’s 95 million. Incredibly, even though it fluctuates, Rocket League’s popularity keeps going up, with the average number of monthly players almost doubling since 2019.
It’s highly possible that we’ll see the number rise once again after the Season 6 update drops. Rocket League has maintained over 90 million players since February 2021, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.
If you want to see how Rocket League compares to some of the other biggest games out there, you can check out how many people play Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Halo Infinite in 2022.
Image Credit: Epic Games / Psyonix / ActivePlayer
Skills are a crucial part of FIFA 22, and can make a big difference against the best players. Here’s how…
FUT Birthday is the next FIFA 22 promo to hit Ultimate Team so we’ve prepared a guide to get you…
A new Apex Legends leak suggests that a Loba Heirloom could be on the way with the arrival of Season…
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