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This could be a start.
Splatoon 3 will support cloud saves, but only for offline game data, according to a recent update on the game’s official page.
The previous iteration of the series, Splatoon 2, had no cloud save at all. Based on the wording on the website, Splatoon 3’s cloud saves will only involve game data for the single-player story mode, Return of the Mammalians, and leave the game’s online mode, Turf Wars, as most players are already familiar with. 
According to a footnote found on the game’s official page, the save data cloud will be “compatible with offline play data only,” and using online features will require a Nintendo Switch Online membership and Nintendo Account. Save Data Cloud is listed by Nintendo as one of the online features included in Nintendo Switch Online membership, so players will need to be a Nintendo Switch Online member to save offline game data in Splatoon 3 to their clouds.
While many players miss the cloud save data from previous iterations of the Splatoon series, it’s not yet time to take advantage of this feature in full. Players can expect more changes in the future after this first step, though, and more details on the cloud save for Splatoon 3 could come as its release date approaches. 
Splatoon 3 is the third entry of the series of the highly anticipated unique action multiplayer from Nintendo. The game is set to release on Sept. 9 for the Nintendo Switch. 
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