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GTA Online is bigger than ever, and new players may feel overwhelmed entering the game. However, a few things can make the beginner experience easier.
GTA Online is a long-running Grand Theft Auto spinoff, and there are a few details that new players should know before playing. The game has managed to maintain a large amount of dedicated players, so newcomers need to learn in order to keep up. As arguably Rockstar’s biggest property at the moment, there is a lot that one will experience when playing GTA Online.
The large amount of updates to GTA Online have provided a significant amount of new content. Current-gen players even get their own set of unique perks, such as free access to Hao’s Special Works and the Career Builder. However, even with all of the game’s new updates and perks, there are a few pieces of information that will be useful to all new players, whether or not they have the current-gen game and all of its features. Players don’t need GTA Online‘s new GTA+ subscription to have a good time with the game.
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Newcomers to GTA Online could find themselves overwhelmed with the whole game world opened up to them so quickly. Establishing a few things to keep in mind will not only put things in perspective, but also make the game easier to understand. Stepping into GTA Online can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.
One thing that will likely become clear very early in one’s GTA Online experience is that other players can be extremely aggressive. Whether they’re competitive or just griefing other players for fun, they can make Los Santos a more dangerous place, especially for new players who have very little to defend themselves with. There have been feuds between new and veteran GTA Online players in the past, so in-game aggression is a concern for newcomers. However, the game does feature a built-in way for players to protect themselves, and it’s an ability called Passive Mode.
In Passive Mode, players are immune to weapons and melee attacks, allowing them to walk through the streets unbothered by the havoc being raised by others. Given how often players can be killed out of nowhere by an errant explosion or sniper bullet, Passive Mode can make traveling from place to place far easier. Passive Mode isn’t perfect, as players can still be struck by cars driven by other players, and it’s locked at the start of the game, only becoming available after the player’s first death. In addition, deaths caused by means outside of other players, such as GTA Online‘s physics breaking in fatal ways, can still kill the player. Although Passive Mode may not protect the player from absolutely everything, it is still a good tool for helping players travel safely.
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In addition, players who cause a lot of chaos will have their blip on the map turn red, with bright red dots being the biggest offenders. Players with red dots give out higher RP awards when killed, so other players are encouraged to hunt them down for the benefits. By staying out of trouble, players can keep their bounties low and avoid becoming a target.
A lot of newcomers to GTA Online have probably watched gameplay on YouTube and seen other players with fancy houses, classy cars, and a huge arsenal of weapons. The fact that some GTA Online players have too much money shows how high the game’s ceiling is. However, like any other game, GTA Online doesn’t give players access to the best that the game has to offer from the beginning. The sooner that one accepts that, the easier the climb will be.
Early on, players will likely be getting by with the most basic of guns due to all guns aside from the pistol and combat shotgun being locked until the player gains enough levels, and all of them requiring money to buy. A completely new player can’t even buy pistol ammo. Cars and houses are even harder to achieve, with heavy price tags in most cases. In general, players will likely be stealing NPC cars rather than owning them for a good amount of time. While some Online missions can make money quickly, players will have to do a lot of work in order to earn enough to buy some of the nicer things that the game has to offer. However, the flipside of this frustration is that once the player manages to earn their own car and safehouse, even the lower-end ones, it feels incredibly satisfying.
Like all games, GTA Online requires effort to achieve success. Even though one may not have the in-game luxury that is frequently shown off in YouTube videos, there is no reason to despair. If one plans to be a dedicated GTA Online player, then they will eventually earn access to the game’s higher-end options, and the journey will have made it worth the reward when they are collecting and customizing GTA Online‘s best cars.
Even if one is preparing to make a run for the very top of GTA Online and earn the greatest rewards available, they cannot forget that at its heart, GTA Online is a sandbox with no storyline outside of missions. The player characters have no goals aside from getting rich, and they can do so using whatever methods they would like. It is a very open-ended game, and players would do well to explore their possibilities.
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Even outside of the preset missions, there are all sorts of activities that players can get involved in. They can have fun playing darts or bowling, or go out into the city to make their own fun. They can take cars for stunt drives across the city, or hold up some stores to challenge themselves to escape the ensuing police chase. Players can experiment with the game, leading to results such as parking a car on top of a GTA Online tower. Players can also get together with friends to fight, race each other, and find any number of ways to entertain themselves in the game world. GTA Online holds a massive amount of possibilities for entertainment, both alone and with friends. Players can find all sorts of diversions just by driving around the city.
Using GTA Online‘s open-ended nature to the fullest is one of the best ways for players to have fun with the game. There is no rush, and players can play at their on pace, leaving plenty of time for all sorts of antics. At its heart, GTA Online is a sandbox to play around in without worrying about plot or storyline, and that’s how it works best. If a player wants to drive Homer Simpson’s car in GTA Online, they have the ability to do that and much more.
Newcomers to GTA Online will find a large game with an equally sizable community. Although it may seem like a major undertaking, GTA Online is not that difficult to get into with the right approach. By playing smart and not taking things too seriously, GTA Online can be a fantastic experience for new players.
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