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Mortal Online 2 is an expansive MMORPG that may seem intimidating for beginners. Luckily, these starting tips should help get the ball rolling.
MMORPGs are some of the most intimidating games to get into. Featuring massive storylines, tons of features, and sprawling player communities that have often already been playing the game for years, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.
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Mortal Online 2bills itself as one of the most immersive MMOs around, and that claim is credible when one considers its intricate world, combat, and communities. Those same features that make the game great can also make it hard to experience for the first time. Fortunately, there are a few quick tips that can make getting into the game far easier. Here are some must-know starting tips for Mortal Online 2.
It's a common complaint amongst new players that characters move too slowly. The first thing to keep in mind is that different races move at different speeds, so depending upon one's choice at the beginning of the game, one may be moving slower than others. That said, the player will be able to build their speed later on, so it's still worth playing whatever race the player is most interested in.
The character begins the game at Level 0, with their stats in the toilet. At the beginning of the game, characters will move slowly regardless of their race, so it's important to keep the game's scaling in mind. The game is massive, and it's easy to get frustrated trying to run through a forest on the way to a city to finish a quest, but stick with it. Speed will come as the character improves.
Race and Clades affect the player's starting stats, but they aren't the only things that do. The game doesn't lock the character into their choice of skills, which gives the player tremendous flexibility on that front, but the player cannot change their Race or Clades.
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The character's age, height, and weight also play a role in determining their stats, so it's important to keep in mind the effect that the character's body will have upon their abilities. Elderly characters, for example, have lower Dexterity but higher Intelligence. The player should take all of this into account when crafting their character. These choices matter for roleplaying purposes, but unlike in other games, they also matter mechanically.
Haven contains a variety of tutors, and communicating with them can bestow a variety of free skills upon the player. The combat tutor in the middle of town can unlock skills for the player and grant free skill points. Even if the player doesn't intend on making use of a specific weapon skill, it doesn't hurt to drop by a tutor and pick up a free skill in case there's a change of heart later on.
There are tutors for crafting, cooking, anatomy, taming, and other skills in or just outside of town, and it takes so little time to get free skills from them that it's always worth it for new players. While veterans who are more familiar with the game may dismiss these tutors in favor of getting to more exciting activities right away, for new players it's worth the stop.
One's location determines the materials that will be available for collection. Some ingredients can be extremely hard to come by in other cities, so it's worth transporting materials that the player thinks they may need later on. Haven has an excellent selection of materials, and wise players will take advantage of this fact by grabbing everything they can.
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Carrots, Cabbages, and other seemingly innocuous plants that would be next to worthless in other RPGs can be valuable in certain circumstances, especially once the player has ventured beyond the confines of Haven and into the wider world. The player is encouraged to stock up on whatever they have room for before leaving. If they discover something more interesting while on the road, they can always ditch their other goods in favor of the new treasure.
By approaching the statue in the center of Haven, the player is able to input an Instance Code, allowing friends to join them in the same Instance. Alternatively, the player can use this code to enter their own private server (at least until the game adds other players to it), allowing them to do away with the hustle and bustle of this busy MMO, at least temporarily.
The latter option is excellent if the player wants to solo grind an area, as this can be one of the harder multiplayer games. This may not be the best option for an absolute beginner, but for new players still finding their way in the game and trying to improve a bit more before venturing out into the wider world, using the Haven Instance Code can be a good way to jumpstart one's adventuring career.
When the player begins using books to unlock skills, it's easy to think that the player should read every single book. The Reading book in particular is one that many players find themselves drawn to first, but it's possible to build one's Reading skill simply by reading books that contain skills the character might be more interested in.
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Reading related books within the same skill tree can even boost certain skills, saving the player time and getting them into the action faster. Unfortunately, it isn't always obvious which will do so, but it's worth looking through the skill tree for synergies because while grinding skills in other ways is possible (and the player will do plenty of it), it's always good to reduce the grind when possible.
Even if the player has no intention of lumberjacking or mining later in the game, it's worth doing some material farming while in Haven. Doing so builds the character more quickly than they would otherwise, sometimes even helping the character advance in areas they wouldn't suspect.
Mortal Online can be one of the best MMOs to play, but it's still possible to get stuck. If the player finds themselves stuck–trying and failing to increase a certain stat that just won't seem to improve–it's worth taking a short hike over to some materials and start harvesting. A few minutes with an ax or pick can do wonders for a character.
In Mortal Online 2, the player doesn't lose their core stats and skills, and everything that the player can lose (such as equipment and items) can easily be replaced. There's no reason to worry too much, even when ganked by another player or unexpectedly killed by mobs. Death happens to everyone eventually.
What matters most is that the player is having fun, and while some elements of the game can be frustrating at times, it doesn't help to dwell on them too much. While other MMORPGs have come and gone,Mortal Online 2 has stuck around because it's fun. One should invest time in the parts of the game they find most enjoyable and try not to be too deterred when something goes wrong. There's always another adventure around the corner.
Mortal Online 2 is available now for PC.
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